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said is part of this. amazon, ebay, these are the ones who are smart with their success. neil: tomorrow, all that stuff coming out i: hello i am gerri ws on the willis report, obamacare on life support, taxpayers on the hook, as new survey said fewer than 3 in 10 ofoung and uninsured will buy obamacare, a new warning about life saving devices for your heart, how is your marriage doing? a new way to give it a grade, wire watching out for you tonight on the willis report. gerri: welcome to the willis report, your show, your money, your voice, tonight, your healthy care fiasco, president
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obama staging a pr blitz on obamacare today, this time, aiming his comments at young people. >> product is good, affordable this is a big deal. to quote joe biden. if you are a student body president, set up a conference on campus, if you are a bartender have aappy hour. >> really? this is how you talk up the president's signature legislation by joking about ing to a bar. the president asking young american to talk up the supposed benefit of the law to their friends disby three house hearings revealing more questions than answer. here is the latest dr. singer, surgeon and col scholar at cato institute. >> thank you. gerri: we have new numbers today from harvard, 57% disapprove of
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obamacare, idea that 2.5 million of them are signing up is preposterous, fewer than a third uninsured are likely to sign up for obamacare, this is shocking whether you dig down into the numbers, do they surprise you? >>no, actually when you think about it, you talk about people who prior to passage of the affoable care act, if they were going to buy health insurance it would be something that would be you uncer catastrophic expenses, theyigh deductible to use their disposable income to best use, now you are asking the same people who before when a cheap at troughic insurance was available they were not inrested and now they are going to be that is much more expensive? that covers things they can't relate to or need? why would a 27-year-old single
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male want to buy insurance that covers materni maternity benefi. gerri: right, digging into the numbers. deductibles very high, possibly thousands of dollars, in particular young men. and the idea that they will say, this is biggest deal i have seen, i'm signing up. what is the attraction? you mentioned problem, what is the profile of the young person who says yeah, i want to pony up this kind of money? >> i think young people are smarter than given credit for, not only do most not think it is a good value, but in addition to, that young people i think are getting angry that they see a lot of their wealth, not great is being redistributed to older wealthier people. they feel they areetting
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ripped off to pay for social security and medicare, they are asked to pay for much more for insurance that is much more expensive. gerri: it makes no sense think e angry. gerri: a good way to put it, and precise way. another comparison to draw today, you will love this so, the sign ups for new jersey gavel eling account -- gambling accounts, higher than the sign ups for obamacare. look at the numbers, now to be sure. the ledge of time for signing up for obamacare shorter than new jersey but new jersey is one stat people. and this is shocking. shocking. that this web site which now been up for two months can't attract more people signing up, what do you say? >> well, it gives you an idea what people when they are spending their own money, what their own set of subjective values are younger healthier people, are making the decision
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rightly or wrongly they are getting a better value by using some money for example in gambling site than they are in buying health insurance whe whis covering things they don't need. gerri: how that is a statement. a stement on situation. you know we have three hearings today, really, more smoke than fire. a lot of controversy, but at this point so many problem with this law and web site, as a problem sort of melts away with web site, we see law come into full force, that is what is really frightening to a lot of people, the issues with it, hear darrell issa, talking in one of the hearings today, about what we have yet to find out about. >> it the american taxpayer, it will be billions of dollars of lost revenue, because of this failure. >> we had a several hour hearing i still can't tell you, who was responsiblfor the web site.
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>> i can tell you it is not the president it is not kathleen sebelius. it is not any of the people that you would think would be responsible for this train wreck. >> wre talking about responsibility, we're talking out responsility and staring into the abyss with this law. just yesterday we wanted on this show about how federal government, administration has said, they will makin surers whole for people who lost their insurance and go back to it now a open check to insurance company to continue the coverage, peoe say that law is going to fall on its own weight, don't think so, i think that is going to happen that administration is going to keep on stroking checks, and putting out taxpayer dollars until we're broke to fix this mess, what dow see? >> really, worries me, the conduct of this administration is such that it does not seem like they are willing t admit
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they that this is a bad idea, like, it is almost reminds me of old story from "les mis." the detective that never gives up the chase. congressman issa was talking about billions of taxpayer dollar spent, this entire affordable care act was predicated on fact there was a group of people, in this country, who cannot purchase insurance, no matter how hard they tried with their preesting conditions, now, since 1996, by federal law, all insurance purchase by individuals, is what they call guaranteed renewable, they can't drop you if you get a chronic condition, and not allowed to raise premiums, so what percentage of people are we talking about? well according department of health and human services estimate, that is less than 1% of the population under medicare
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age, so, not that i would recommend this, but for a fraction of that money wasted on affordable carect we could b this less than 1% of population insurance. and solve the problem. it is just, just insane waste of money. gerri: that is amazing, and reminds me of the housing problem. we could have bought everyone out of of their most gangs efficient same moment we spent on -- most gangs for same mome t of mey. this is the mistake this adminiration keeps making over and over again, throwing tax dollars is not solving it. >>hank you. gerri: unbelieveable, right, own carry mess goes on. and now more disturbing news for your healthy, fda warning some defidefibrillators made by phils medamedical system may fail. i have to tell you, i think this
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story is appalling, so many machines and only now federal government waking up saying we need to fix it, get out tell people that machine macs may not work. they may be -- you may be having a heart attack, it supplies to you, you are not rsus started. where is the government been? what about something simple like this. >> you know, interestingly, fda just this year, finally passed new legislation that they will regulate deeibrillators like other medical devices, however all tse bits and pieces are just now coming together, over 400,000 americans die suddenly every year, that is more than all types of cancers combined, if you have a defibrillate or deployed, 70% survive without one, less than 5%. >> how big is this problem with these machines not working? why are they?
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how many are there? >> this particular did fibrillatdefibrillate or made bn 700,000 different places in u.s., schools, police department, public builds, you know airports, and planes there are that are manufacturers, reason that fda went with this new legislation because so many recalls have happened. tons with all of them. gerri: why does it take so long to get to gear to do something. for my information they were recalled in 2012? >>that is right. gerri: where is the federal government circumstance isn't t, not writing obamacare two thousand pages of word, but fixing real world problem that affect people's lives this seems to be one of them. >> you know, it is a real world problem, i think that this is another case of obama administration pushing their own agenda, their own legislation as
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opposed to looking out for the very people they are supposed to stand for, the patient at risk, we have to make shire tha sure s work, and at public buildings and schools to resuscitate the patients, if you have a recalled defibrillate or try to use it until someone brings you a replacement, it is better than nothing. gerri: we could do better than at, that would you like to see, what should happen? >> i would like to see aeds in every public space, every school, government building, to see oversight of the aeds, get approval like you do for certain pharmaceutical, and other medical devices such as pacemakers and inplaable defibrillators, then routine inspections but we need to spend money on keeping americans safe
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rather than on obamacare legislation that does not work. gerri: doctor kevin campbell thank you. >> thank you. gerri: tell yeah. how frustratingwe, we have more to come this hour, most important step in take before putting your house on the market, advice for, that and the fda is getting involved in dna testing, hting sales of the ke open 122 -- take home test of 23 and me, remember that, i did mine, we will have your react stay with us. every day we're working to be an even better company -
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. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our ergy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp amera's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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gerri: company 23 and me, remember them, we had them on the show, i took the dna test, they are pulling marketing for their home genetic testing after the government warned that company did not have regulatory approval, are they doing the
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wrong thing, and standingg in te way of advancing modern medicine. with more peter huber scholar at manhattan institute, welcome. >> flood to be here. gerri: huge debate over 23 and me, i want you to hear what ceo said to be aut value of the test. >> goal is 23 and me is really to give you access to our own genetic information. gerri: this is scary, you could get bad information about your own genes. >> the goal is tompower you with a road map about your healthy, and give you information about what you might be at risk for, and actions you should appreciably tak potentiad what you and your physician should focus on. >> i think what they are doing
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with wonderful. a lot of people would have option of seeing their own genes but ao, gives them yo opportuniy to participate in research enterprises. future of dg medicine, pharmacology hinges on gathering this information. gerri: thiso this data, being shared. >> and a lot of it. >> more than the fda would have gathered on its own. gerri: the fda seems to be standing in the way, saying , we have to get involved, why? it's dangerous for me? >> they ule are trying to regulate 3 things, one arely little yeahone islylegitimate, a device, a plastic cup, they can regulate that
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what is really troubling they are trying to regulate what people think after they fit this get ts data, they are worried about clinical iterpretations of thi this. 23 and me does some of that. fda is concerned that patients will get information they are not smart enough to deal with. for 25 years they bannedome hiv test kits on theory a lot of people were too scared of this, some of this during time only defense against spreading the disease was to know you had it and stop spreading it. gerri: that is what is so en so insulting to me, i am not grown up enough to inper trette this with a professional. i think this is daddy government, trying to tell me what to do, it is annoying.
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>> there is a precedent on this, for a time fda had a project to rank medical journals this decide which could could distributed died by drug compans and which could not. now, several judges have concluded, i think correctly, you can't constitutionally do that. i think the same issues arise here, at last stage they are not regulating a scientific processor a plastic cup, they are trying to regulate how people think and react. >> i want to ask you about the broader issue. brings this data together is critical to solving disease, to fixing people, making them live longer, and the fda wants to stand in the way of that? >> i don't think they
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consciously want to. drug companies are really good if you show them a molecule inside, they can almost come up with a drug to target a bad kril but our bodies are complicated. you may need mull u multiple dre have to gather huge amounts of data. >> we're this close, this close. >> we have the tools, we don't have regulatory process. gerri: crazy. >> it is unfortunate. gerri: and crazy. pete, the book, the cure and the code, it looks like a great read, thank you, appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: now we want to know what you think, your question, should
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the government sta in the way of personal dna toasting, log on to -- dna testing, log on to >> coming up, we answer the question, how do you do that? starting with ways to keep your identity safe this holiday signs, and next we tell how to get your home ready to sell in the new year, stage your own home, that is what we're doing.
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rri: sell your home fast in the new year, secret to staging your home yourself, details coming
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gerri: are you looking to p your home on the market in the new year? we have great ideas you can stage your own home yourself. to mackize your -- maximize our offers. sellour home quickly, we have it for you, welcome to you, i know there are people outut thee who charge thousands of dollars to stage homes for people. you don't have do pay that money, do you? >> you don't, it starting with declutterring and doe personalizing the -- depersonalizings home, people love storage you want to eliminate as were as you can ere is a lot of storage, and you want homeowner to really
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believe it could be their home, they want to imagine it, it is hard to do with someone else's pictures hanging in the living room. >> talking about pictures of the family, personalized things that you to make it home but to people coming in they can't see what is going on with the house, and take out more than you expe, real make it bare bones people get a sense of space, and maybe down size furniture. you have a declutter, me it look smaller so house looks bigger. >> right not just boxing it up in the garage. go ahead and talk a friend or relative to let youking store it at their house so have you a more spacious look to your house, garage and attic, they are looking at every bit of tha home. gerri: a mention right now.
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i don't know if that is what everyone's house looks like. maybe that is where we're moving to, but outside, what do you do to the ex ter wh exterior. >> curb ar appeal still matters, potential buyers drive by before commit going in with a real estate agent. so make sure it is very welcoming, cutback any shrubs e-mail box, that is simple but make sure it looks good, clean it up, paint it, put new numbers on the wall by front door, paint the front door make sure it is come welcoming. gerri: now some people say pain it a bright color like a red or yellow if it works, do you like that? >> that is go wrong so quick. i've seenustard collar doors, and bright bold red, some people like them some don't, i believe
9:28 pm
in a safe collar that compliments the rest of the colors on the house. gerri: you -- you know i read yellow is a color that attracts buyers? warm, putting people in a good mood is that true? >> well, we did a curb appeal show, on my tv show, we painted it, it looked like muss starred, everyoneoved it, mustard it must be soothing some way. gerri: what about red flags? any red flags to watch out for? >> well i tell you any kind of red flag, anything that shows neglect or shows that maybe the existing homeowner had not taken care of things will kind of erode confidence in a potential buyer, if they can see certain things that show neglect, they worry about things they can't e like roof leaks or problem
9:29 pm
with heating or cooling or point doing problems. >> not just what you can see but you smell, md, if they smell musty, people are thinking there is a problem. >> absolutely. that is true the 3 most important words when you sell your home, clean, clone, clean. if you have pets in your home, you may not realize there may be some smells there, youment to neutralize the odors clean it up, everyone where you can clean the windows inside and out, laundry room. garage, everyone that you can clean make that possible buyer say they have taken care of the house that is a good sign. gerri: thank you, dany. >>hank you. gerri: there are big changes coming to your taxes next year, we're planning a speal week of segments next week to help you
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navigate these changes, we'll drill down on income tax changes, changes to your investment affecting millions of us, andive you concrete how to strategies to help you best manage your money, join usext week 60 p.m., for a special use are guide to taxes, year end edition, we'll get youeady for the new and different from irs in 2014, it is not pretty, we'll tell you. >> rating your paig marriage map you get a true sense of your relationship go and identity thieves bes grinch that steals christmas this year? how can you keep your information safe? ask me wt it's like
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gerri: do you check out the the -- christmastime in new york city. gorgeous too. i walked byive morning. holidays are time for family, and present, people in new york city, and identity theft, there are ways to prevent the grinches from stealing christmas, with us adam, thank you for coming in. you say this particular christmass more dangerous than most holidays, why? >> the shopping season has been compressed. that retailers in a frenzy, whether they are in a frenzy in terms of deals they offer when you walk through door, through
9:35 pm
broadcast media or e-mail, that is where the vulne vulner bill . gerri: what should people be thinking about? >> most important thing be aware. identity thieves prey on fact you are distracted. you have a day job, but to them could you are their day job. so as a result they count on fact you are so caught up in the christmas spirit so overwhelmed by advertising when you go to a web site you may not be looking at how authentic they are, you click on links, you don't look fo the htps that shows you it iis a secure site eyou don't see the padlock. >> you heard that right https is
9:36 pm
what you top watch for, there was a time, when you going on a web site, tell by bad spelling, and poor design. that it was not legitimate but that is not true any more. >> no they are getting really good. most people you hear about hacks you think of brilliant hackers. a lot of times people make mistakes they click on the wrong link that virus comes into company sites and codes, this is the problem. the thieves are really good and consumers are really distracted. gerri: and so some tips for folks out there don't use a debit card use a credit card. >> the card is thei credit cardr money, with a debit card, that is your money. gerri: what else? >> don't click on links.
9:37 pm
when you go to a web site and they ask you for information say to yourself, is this logical, if i am buying something, why should i give them my social security number, if i am applying for a credit card on this particular site that makes sense. and the e-mail make sure it correlates to the retailer, a when you go to a website, make sure you type in the correct spelling, there are people who do the misspelling on purpose. gerri: thank you for coming on. everyone out there, could benefit from hearing what you said, appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: and time for a look at stories you are clicking on fox business, stocks lower as investstor worry about what fed
9:38 pm
will do next could big job gains and manufacturing and construction, that was not enough to keep indexes in the green, our government j report comes out friday. federal reserve survey shows that economy hold steady during the ship down. growth of moderated or modest, due to manufacturing and consumer spending. sales of new homes grew 25 1/2% ino, biggest monthly increase since 1980. that is after three month of softer sales. >> and president obama said that income gap between the rich and the poor is jeopardizing the middle class, urgin congress to make sure that economy works for everyone. and some hot stories right now on fox, one man
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accused of abusing the privilege of being a frequent flier, his side of the story. >> have you ever considered rating your marriage on a scale from 1 to 10? why it might be a good idea, coming up. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspireyour trading. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 where others see fads... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 see opportunities. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwae're here to help tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 turn inspiration into action. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 we have intuitive platforms tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 to help you discover what's trending. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and seasoned market experts to help sharpen your instincts. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so you can take charge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 of your trading.
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gerri: how would you rate your marriage, relationship expert, believe scoring specific areas like team work, intimacy, could strinstrengthen the marriage. joining me 4 dr. karen, here is my question about this segment. i read every word of the story in "wall street journal" today. can you really boil our marriage down to one number? >> well, it is not about boiling
9:43 pm
down the marriage. you really can't. the idea is boiling down the different topics to one specific number. whether communication, 0 to 5, 0 is awful, 5 is fabuls, 3 in the middle, emotional intimacy. gerri: i say honey let's rate our marriage, he said what are you crazy. >> all right. that is not how you are going to do it. rather three steps numberne, you want to state something really positive about your husband, i really thin appreciae you, i love you, step two state somebody positive about the relationship, i love us.
9:44 pm
i value us, that is what lead toss step three. talking about the we and i in terms of what i can do to take ownership in helping this marria get to a better place, i note else noticed our intimact wheretould be, let's work on it, those are three steps instead of saying make these improvements now. you are pointing your finger at your spouse they become defensive. gerri: no finger pointing. benefit o this payoff of this, is what? you really put yourself you know on a at risk. you say, i want to try to do this. at penalty of being laughed at or otherwise. dissed. can you make progress on some issues? >> that is a great question.
9:45 pm
you can. number one you are exposing yourself. this is putting your out there, you are vulnerable to your spouse. answer is yes, by exposing your vulnerability, by specifically stating, what your number is. you offer the opportunity for clity for conflicts solution resolution, problem solution resolution by recognizing what the problem circumstance for we cannot -- problem is, for we cannot take action on our problem until we acknowledge what they are, confront what they are irk and admi, admit wh. gerri: interesting, fascinating this is one way to talk about these issues thank you karen. >> my please. gerri: still to come my two centss more. he complained too much and northwest airline, now delta took away his elite flyer stat
9:46 pm
status. his fight may make his way to the suprem court, his side of the story. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you. if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how manyomes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energefficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lis here.
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gerrii punishes for complaining, that is one man said
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gerri: whether your plane was delayed or the airline lost your luggage we all had complaints when it comes to flying but
9:50 pm
imagine getting your frequent flyer membership revoked for expressing your dissatisfaction, it happened to our next guest, he is taking to to supreme court, joining us now. rabbi benjamin ginsberg, thank you for joining us, what did you complaint about? >> a lot is a relative word. i don't think i complained a lot in relation to number of flights i took, we have to set straight. i am sorry very having to correct you, i did not take this to supreme court, the airline is trying to reverse a ruling in my favor. gerri: it went to the supreme court. >> my error, then, the airline saidou complained too much about it. >> i don't know so. gerri: what do you complaint about? >> i didn't say there was too
9:51 pm
were salt on the nuts or pretzels were too old. the complaints were on the tarmac for a long time, no one had courtesy to let us know what was going on. if you have to wait a real excessive amot of time for your luggage to come off carousel. gerri: i don't think there is a pers in our audience who cannot relate to complaining to airlines about what is going on. we had our frustrations, and fees going through the roof, i think you have a sympathetic audience, what surprises me, i find interesting, is that airline went to the trouble of cancelling you, why do you think? >> i wish i knew. i would have had a chance to sit down and have a dialogue, and let's try to figure this out. i believe in conflic resolution, i don't -- from my perspective there was no attempt. we reached out and we tried.
9:52 pm
bealso have to underssand that average citizen, travels several times a year, is a lot. >> you travel more. >> i travel many more times, the opportunity for having an issue is going to be greater. gerri: tell me how many points you h, what is the value of what the cancelled ? >> i don't know. it just more of a principal issue, this was hundreds of thousand of the miles. gerri: you could have gone around the globe. >> probably. gerri: so, my guess is that you were loyal to this airline, you were a loyal customer. so, how did you feel, what did you think when they told you, i understand by telephone you were being canceled. >> initially i thought it was a prank it did not make sense to get a call out of th the blue, without being told, stom complaining or -- stop complaining or no warning, i was shocked. gerri: shocked and now you are continuing to fight the principal, what are you fighting
9:53 pm
for. >> i don't top use the word fighting -- i don't want to use the word fighting that is against my principle. gerri: if you are in the supreme court it is not a nice conversation. >> i think at this point, i a out there for the fellow citizens, this is -- if you want to use word fight, this is a fight for my fellow americans not the way we should be treated. gerri: one thing you said, you said that you should be able to complain it is america uyou have first amendment freedom to say is that part of this? >> it is more, they ask for you to complain, they want the feedback, the -- tell us how we're doing. they say it, if you look at their web site tell us what you think. then when you tell them, they take -- punish you for it? does not make sense. gerri: does not. they say they want to hear bad stuff and they don't.
9:54 pm
>> they don't only not want to hear bad stuff, that i want to hear compliments too, they have not addressed ratio of commentments a voiced in relation to complains. gerri: what was it. >> i would say 25 to 1. gerri: well, comey ther, compli. rabbi you have to come back, tell us how it goes. >> thank you. gerri: well we reached out to airline for come, they said they have no comment on pending litigation, and we'll be right back with my 2-cents more and answer to our question t of day, should government stand in the way of personal dna testing, we want to know what you think. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here.
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through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, 've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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gerri: a class action lawsuit is being made by that company. they say that it has been found that they have been negligent in safety and security. one of our viewers that people may be making medical decisions on the test. and gene writes to us, the government needs to get out of oubusiness. we asked this question on and 91% said no a 9% said yes. and here are some of your e-mails. it is sad that our government is interested in achieving the goals of their respective party versus what is best for the american people. there is little interest in getting itright. it is an ol habits that we never have enough time to do it right.
9:59 pm
okay, finally tonight, tonight stories alone, lets for the government's efforts on helping americans with their health care. first, the fiasco that is obamacare. more people in new jersey signing up for illegal gambling then the health website and then there is the fda's regulatory harassment of 23 and me. saying that this could be a boon to americans. and the government would rather quash that. and tenthere are the thousands of the tubur ears it still don't work and skill set. score government is zero.
10:00 pm
that is it for tonight "willis report." thank you for joining us, don't a great night.the show. lou: a vicious and deadly winter storm leaving half the nation in a deep freeze. prompting safety warnings for travelers in what may be one of the coldest. of the winter lou: i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone, the western half of the country is in the grip of brutally cold temperatures with some regions of the country under snow and others expecting more as we anticipate the arrival of ice

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